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Tom meier

Director, learning facilitator


Tom has years of experience in corporate and online training, and has trained professionals at some of the world’s largest and most influential organizations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Before becoming the Director of The Center For Accelerated Learning, Tom worked as a course designer and global online facilitator for Royal Dutch Shell in The Hague, where he brought lively and effective accelerated learning methods to global training initiatives. He has also specialized in online training, and earned a master’s degree in Educational Media from the University of Duisburg Germany.

Tom has a talent for designing programs and products with elegant simplicity that are inspiring and highly effective. He is the developer of the Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder design tool, author of A.L. on Deck, and co-developer of Learning In Style. He also has a knack for facilitating programs that get learners fully activated and engaged.

As our Director, Tom is passionate about helping face-to-face and virtual facilitators create experiences that bring out the best potential in learners. He also enjoys helping leaders create vibrant learning cultures in their organizations.

Outside of his professional interests and passions, Tom loves getting out in nature, healthy food, and his family.


Professional Areas of Expertise:
  • Face to face and virtual facilitation
  • Design consulting
  • Developing Tools for Trainers
  • Coaching


Activating Learning Potential

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