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melanie martinelli

Melanie Martinelli is co-founder and director of TLG, a global organizational development company based in Bangalore India.

Melanie is an expert in cross-cultural communication and has worked all over the world for some of the largest and most influential international organizations.

Having grown up in the corner of Switzerland close to both France and Germany, Melanie was set up early for an international life. She studied International Business in English, French, and German, and wrote an award-winning thesis on managing cultural differences.

She is a gifted facilitator who has a talent in translating the essence of the accelerated learning approach to a wide variety of topics, industries, and cultures.

She has become especially recognized for her work in virtual teamwork, leadership, negotiation, diversity and inclusion, cross cultural management, and change management.

She is one of two gold certified Kirkpatrick facilitators in India and was instrumental in bringing accelerated learning to India.

Melanie lives in Bangalore India with her husband. She is a former competitive swimmer and an avid runner and fitness buff.

Professional Areas of Expertise

  • Face-to-face facilitation
  • Course design and development
  • Cross-cultural¬† training
  • Evaluation of learning

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