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dave meier

Founder, In Memoriam

Author of the Accelerated Learning Handbook, Dave prepared more professionals in accelerated learning than any other person worldwide.

As as thought leader and visionary in the field of learning and development, Dave was the pioneer in bringing accelerated learning approaches to corporate training.

Once training director for a large midwestern manufacturer, Dave was the pioneer in bringing accelerated learning to organizations worldwide. Dave’s work had a huge impact on the speed, effectiveness, and human satisfaction in the organizations that have embraced the Accelerated Learning approach. Thanks in large part to Dave’s work, AL methods are now practiced in thousands of organizations in North America and internationally. The total cost savings would be hard to tally, but the joy and creativity this has unleashed could never be calculated.

His life mission was improving and humanizing learning in organizations. He was thinking and writing a lot lately about the future evolution of learning and the self-directed learner.

He was known for his wit, humor, and love of people, Dave inspired and helped connect people to their “genius within”.


Professional Areas of Expertise:

Activating Learning Potential

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