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Accelerated Learning For Live Online Training


In this training course, participants will learn engaging techniques for involving learning in live online courses.


Course Description

In this training course, participants will learn engaging techniques for involving learners in live online courses with better results than ever. Because the Accelerated Learning approach to training is driven by learner activities and projects, you’ll no longer have to struggle to keep learners engaged. We help you get everyone involved!


Learners will:

  • Learn how to facilitate online sessions using real-time learner discovery, collaboration, and knowledge creation
  • Discover how to use standard meeting room tools in innovative ways to get learners inspired, working together, and learning more than you thought possible!

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Engaging learners from the start – even before the session starts
  • Easing learner fears
  • Facilitating learners
  • Using whiteboards to collect and share knowledge
  • Collaborative chatting to build and document collective knowledge
  • Team projects and problem solving in breakout rooms
  • Music in the online environment
  • Variety and session flow
  • Bringing the real world to the virtual environment
  • Creating an atmosphere for learning
  • Participants as co-facilitators
  • Using the four phases of learning in an online environment

Cost is $149 and includes:

  • One 90-minute course
  • Booklet with 125 different activity ideas

NOTE: This course is also available as an in-house program for teams of 5 or more.


Activating Learning Potential

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