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Online courses

We show you how to bring the liveliness of face-to-face learning to the online environment with activity-based learner-driven AL approaches. See course descriptions below.


Accelerated Learning Workshop – Online Version Of 2-Day Face-To-Face Workshop

In this workshop, participants will experience the highly acclaimed Accelerated Learning Workshop in an online format over the span of two weeks.


How To Reach All Learning Styles For Online And Face-To-Face Facilitators

In this 90-minute live online course, participants will actively discover strategies for appealing to a wide range of learners and learning types.


Designing And Facilitating Online Courses With Accelerated Learning

In this course, participants will design and facilitate an activity-based online course using accelerated learning methods.


Accelerated Learning For Live Online Training

In this training course, participants will learn engaging techniques for involving learning in live online courses.

Activating Learning Potential

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