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Abbott Northwestern Hospital – Aurora Health Care – Baxter – Baycare – Children’s Hospital – Detroit Medical Center – Glaxo Smith Kline – Life Extension – Mayo Clinic – Medtronic – Novartis – Pfizer – Provident Healthcare – Sanofi Aventis – St. Jude – Abbott – HealthEast Systems – HealthPoint – Humana – Iowa Methodist Medical Center – Jenny Craig International – John Deere Healthcare – John Muir Medical Center – Kaiser Permanente – Lake Forest Hospital – VA Hospitals – Eli Lily (pharmaceutical) – Merck (pharmaceutical) – L’oreal USA – Mary Kay Inc – Albany Medical Center, Alpharma, American Red Cross, American Cancer Association, American Heart Association, Argonne National Laboratory, Arlington Memorial Hospital, Amway Corp., Aurora Health Care, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Baylor University Medical Center, Bellin Hospital, Bausch&Lomb, Baxter Healthcare Corp., Bayer Inc., Blake Medical Center, Blue Cross – Blue Shield, Ben Venue Laboratories, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boulder Medical Center, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Bristol-Myers Squibb, BroMenn Healthcare, Boehringer Ingelheim Roxanne Inc., Cancer Care Inc., Cardinal Health Care,

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