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Accelerated LEARNING case studies

Life Extension – Health and Wellness Company

Case study: Customer Service class race car theme helps learners at Life Extension create their own knowledge and practice real-world skills     As innovators in health and wellness products for the past 35 years, The Fort Lauderdale-based global company,…

A Major U.S. Telecommunications Company

The basic challenge for many corporate training departments is to produce well-trained, productive employees and reduce the amount of time it takes to train them. The trainers at this organization found an answer to that challenge in the principles and techniques of accelerated learning. In the bargain, they created a learning atmosphere that was fun, efficient, and beneficial to everyone involved.



For a course on safety and hazardous chemicals, test results improved 507% after converting a presentation-based course to a thoroughly activity-based one. All presentations have been eliminated. Participants are asked to structure their own learning and given a variety of options to choose from, designed to appeal to many different styles of learning. Participants love the experience, typically giving it a top rating of 5.


AT&T redesigned a sales training course with accelerated learning, reducing delivery time by a third and improving test scores by 29%. As a result of the course, customer service reps showed an 82% improvement in sales.


Mike Adams of Canada’s largest retail chain store shortened a course for store managers from two days to four hours. The store managers work together create their own coaching model and then help each other draft action plans based on each store’s unique needs.

St. Michael Hospital

St. Michael Hospital in Milwaukee WI used accelerated learning to cut the time in half for an annual in-service program. Learners are more engaged as they learn by doing, and six-month retention for critical information rates have doubled.

Arco Oil and Gas

Arco Oil and Gas used accelerated learning in accounting system training. Participants rated the course 9.5 and when tested for problem solving and retention 3 months later, they scored 8.5. Supervisors report that course graduates are notably more competent and independent than before accelerated learning.

Madison Area Technical College

The College used accelerated learning methods to cut a 54-hour course in management to 27 hours and improve understanding and retention.

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