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What’s New at The Center for Accelerated Learning?!

The Center For Accelerated Learning is excited to announce many new changes, features, and offerings in order to serve our clients better.

New Website. We recently partnered with Chicago web design company, Idea Marketing Group, to re-design our website. The new site brings convenience to our customers and features a user-friendly design with eye catching visuals and easily navigable links. Now, our customers can find information regarding our products, workshops, and training courses quickly and easily. Oh, and online ordering just got THAT much easier!

New Director. We’re also happy to welcome our new director – Tom Meier, who is the son of our founder, Dave Meier. Tom has worked in the training field as a trainer and course developer for over 25 years. He is also the author of the Accelerated Learning CourseBuilder and co-author of all of The Center’s additional tools for trainers. 

New Online Courses. With the addition of 4 new online courses, we make learning readily accessible and convenient- bringing the liveliness of face-to-face learning to the online environment! Our online courses include both live meetings, asynchronous courses, and more. Click here to read our course descriptions and get a taste for what our online courses have to offer.


New Workshop Framework. Our highly acclaimed Accelerated Learning Workshop has been made even better with even more action and learner involvement than ever before–perfect for today’s learners and today’s rapid culture. You will walk away with the skills and tools you need to design activity-based, learner driven programs that yield extraordinary results. 

New Online Newsletter and Blog. Our online newsletter and blog provides a steady stream of useful ideas, information, and helpful tools to keep you connected with us and what’s going on in the world of training.


New International Partners. With our new colleagues in India, Dubai, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong we have extended our presence to span the globe. 

New Motto. activating learning potential”. Accelerated learning seeks to activate the full potential of learners. This is more important than ever today as our role as trainers continues to evolve to one of a sideline coach. Learners of today thrive when allowed to discover more on their own and with each other. We believe that learner-driven, activity-based learning is the future of education and training. When learners can use their full potential, they exceed expectations every time. Our new motto is a reminder of what our shared mission is as learning professionals today. 

We are excited about the developments happening at The Center For Accelerated Learning. Keep posted on our blog and stay tuned to see new tools and easy-to-use, fun materials for classroom activities coming soon. 

Activating Learning Potential

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