Accelerated Learning Training Methods

The highly acclaimed Dave Meier workshop

The dynamic three-day workshop where youíll learn how to use accelerated learning to speed and enhance measurable learning in your organization!

All workshops taught by Dave Meier himself. No stand-ins. Limited North American dates!


2008 Schedule:

Orlando, FL - March 3-5
Washington, DC - April 21-23
Atlanta, GA - May 19-21
Lake Geneva, WI - June 16-18
Denver, CO - July 14-16
Chicago, IL - August 11-13
Dallas, TX - September 15-17
Lake Geneva, WI - October 6-8
Seattle, WA - November 3-5
Phoenix, AZ - December 8-10

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"This workshop is the best training investment our company has ever made."
Randy Atkins, Kimberly Clark

"This workshop has revolutionized the way we do training. Accelerated learning reduces development time and adds excitement to the process. Instruction is fun for the students as well as the instructor and learner retention has increased."
Ed Major, Allison Transmission / UAW 933


This workshop has helped literally thousands of organizations speed learning time, improve results, and cut costs.

Why you should attend

Attending this workshop will enable you to:
-Improve learning, retention, and job performance
-Speed course design and development time significantly
-Find fresh energy and enthusiasm for your work
-Enhance both classroom and non-classroom learning
-Train with less stress and more success
-Apply accelerated learning to every type of subject matter


What makes this workshop so unique and so effective


Techniques Plus -

More than a "grab bag" of techniques, this workshop will give you a total system for improving learning speed and quality. Youíll learn how to use Dave Meierís proven Rapid Instructional Design System (RID) to improve training results immediately. Youíll take home more techniques than you could ever use (well over 100). But youíll get much more - an integrated system for quickly and easily weaving these techniques together into complete courses that get exceptional results.

All workshops taught by Dave Meier -

Unlike many seminar companies who train a pre-packaged program with stand-in trainers, this workshop is taught by the person who designed it. Daveís experience is unparalleled: he has trained more corporate training professionals in accelerated learning than any other person worldwide. When you attend this workshop, youíre taking advantage of all this wisdom and experience-something youíll get nowhere else.

No "factory" approach -

This is not a mass produced, assembly line workshop, but one that is personalized and tailored to the needs of each specific audience. Youíll be asked to complete a questionnaire before the workshop to assure that your expectations will be met, even exceeded.

Follow-up services -

We believe that the success of any learning program is measured by what happens afterwards, when youíre back on the job. Thatís why we offer free consulting and support services for six months after the workshop. Dave and his staff will do whatever we can to ensure that youíre successful with A.L. after the workshop is over.

What youíll learn at this workshop

This workshop will teach you how to use accelerated learning approaches to both speed and improve the quality of learning.

Accelerated learning is a proven method to make learning more effective while saving both time and money.

Accelerated learning is based on the latest brain research that indicates we have far more capacity to learn than previously thought. In this workshop youíll learn how to design and deliver training that is compatible with these natural brain processes.

Youíll learn to orchestrate the total environment for learning to create powerful learning experiences quickly, no matter what your content or audience.

And youíll learn how to use Dave Meierís powerful 4-Phase Model of learning to enhance any learning situation. Youíll learn how to put together programs quickly with Daveís Rapid Instructional Design Process (RID), a proven system for designing effective programs in hours, not weeks.

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Why you canít afford NOT to attend this workshop

Being in training is tough today. Youíre expected to constantly deliver programs and design new curriculum to meet your organizationís ever changing needs. This can quickly lead to burnout.

This workshop will give you the tools to thrive in this rapid fire environment.

Not only will you learn how to design programs quickly, but youíll learn how to create environments where learning can be fast, joyful, and above all, effective.

Youíll enjoy your job more AND help your trainees learn better and faster than you probably thought possible.

Graduates of our programs have caught the notice of fellow trainers, managers and the learners themselves because they have made learning fast, fun, and effective.

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What youíll get at the workshop

A Workshop packed with value like no other!


Free with your registration:

A copy of Dave Meierís new book The Accelerated Learning Handbook (McGraw-Hill, 2000). This is the definitive guide to accelerated learning, showing you how to design and deliver more effective training programs in less time. It contains powerful case studies, background theory, and practical techniques. Itís the perfect follow-up to reinforce what youíll learn at the workshop.

Valuable materials and job aids for your continual use.

A copy of the McBer Learning Styles Inventory

A complete system (tools, techniques, and templates) for doing rapid course design.

Six months of free telephone consulting after the workshop.

Two conference luncheons to maximize the time for exchanging ideas and networking with other professionals.

A full money-back guarantee of excellence.
In fact, you must be completely satisfied with this workshop and consider it an excellent investment in your personal and professional growth, or your registration fee will be returned in full.