The Accelerated Learning Handbook

By Dave Meier


Discover how today’s corporations are using accelerated learning methods to speed training time, reduce costs, and improve learning results.

This book contains powerful case studies of Accelerated Learning in action—in addition to background theory and a wealth of practical techniques. What’s so helpful about this book is that it offers just the right mix of concepts and techniques so you will not only "get" the theory of A.L., but you’ll also be able to go out and use it immediately.

The book is organized in small, bite-size chunks—perfect for today’s busy readers. And it’s written in a lively style that makes you want to continue reading. Using story, metaphor, and humor, author Dave Meier pulls you effortlessly along.

This book can serve as an introduction to accelerated learning as well as an excellent reference for experienced A.L. practitioners.

It’s the definitive guide to accelerated learning, written by the person recognized worldwide as the leading pioneer in applying accelerated learning to corporate training.

Reading this book will help you:

Speed and enhance learning
Improve retention and job performance
Cut course design time from weeks to hours
Enhance both classroom and web-based learning
Bring the joy of learning back into training


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